Horizontal Router Table Reviews for 2017

The router is such a useful tool for every craftsman. Whether you’re using it for metal, wood, or plastic, it gets the job done easily and conveniently for you. However, without the appropriate table, all your work can be jeopardized. Thus, it is pertinent to have the right router table for all your needs. In this article, I will help you reach a smart decision as to which router table is best for your needs.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

There are a number of choices that you can see online while shopping for a router table, However, just like in any other purchase, your need to consider several factors before making any purchase. For your convenience, I have enumerated below some of the things that you need to look for in buying the best horizontal router table:

Flat, Solid Top

To ensure that your work will be seamless and accurate, you need to look for a router table with a rigid top. Similarly, a perfectly flat surface is equally important. Various router operations require extremes precision and accuracy. Hence, a rigid and flat surface for a table will be a great help.

Flat Study Base Plate

Generally, routers are connected to the table via a base plate. The manner that the base is rabbeted to the table may have a huge impact on the overall operation of the router. For example, of the base is rigid enough, it can cause the router to wobble. As a result, you’re getting poor quality results. This goes without saying that the router must be compatible with the base. Although there are products that may claim that it “fits all”, it is still better to double-check to avoid any issues.

Accurately Positioned Fence

During cutting and engraving, you are positioning your workpiece against a fence. On this case, the fence plays a lion’s share of the task. In return, it must be accurately positioned to ensure precision and accuracy. Although you have the option to choose between a 1-piece and a 2-piece fence, the former is more preferred than the latter since it is more rigid and fixed.

Stable Table Base

In order to achieve a clean and crisp cuts on your workpiece, you need to ensure that your table is steady and fixed. The key to achieving this is a stable and sturdy table base. More importantly, an unstable base is very hazardous. Always check the table before using the router. In addition, make sure that your flooring is also level to prevent any imbalance.

Our Picks for the Best Horizontal Router Tables

Below are our reviews of  some of the best performing horizontal router tables in the market:

Woodhaven 6000 Horizontal Router Table

This horizontal router table promotes safety and efficiency while working on your workpiece. It includes a solid phenolic top and miter slots that ensure a stable working environment. Its phenolic sides add support for optimum balance and strength. Aside from being made in the USA, this product also offers a one of a kind lifetime guarantee against defects in its materials and workmanship.

Although this table is a bit pricey, its features will surely leave you satisfied. Thus, if you think this product will help you bring your designs to life, click here to purchase it through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Woodhaven-6000-Horizontal-Router-Table/dp/B004BUGVLC/

MLCS Woodworking FLATBED Horizontal Router Table Mortise-Tenon Package

For a more accurate and precise work, you may want to consider this model from MLCS Woodworking. It offers a safer way of using your router compared to standing with a wide stock on edge. With its multiple routing operations, making auxiliary fences, feather boards, and mortise and tenon joinery conveniently. In addition, it includes three solid carbide spiral up cut bit set for a more detailed and clean product.

If you’re into making jigs, vertical raised panels, picture frames, and moldings, this is the right router table for you. With its micro-adjustable bit height adjustments, you are in full control of every movement. As a result, you can create products with optimum precision with less effort. More importantly, you get to accomplish your project safe and injury free. If you find this table reliable enough to help you create extraordinary workpieces, click on this below:


Woodhaven 6004 Horizontal Router Table & 4.2″ Angle-Ease

This is another product from Woodhaven that is taking the market by storm. But what sets this product apart from the other tables? Apparently, the 6004 Angle-Ease model allows you to tilt the router up to 45 degrees up or down. In addition, it holds any router with a 4.2″ diameter motor. This means that your have more liberty to create intricate designs. Furthermore, it includes a Hold-down and Hold-in feature for a safer and a more consistent result.

The cost of this item is intricate as the designs you can produce. In fact, it is one of the most expensive options in the market today. However, users may still want to prefer this product due to the features that we’ve mentioned above. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most popular multipurpose router table. With its Angle-Ease feature, achieving that perfect curve in your design will just be a piece of cake. To learn more about this product, click on the link below: