Jet Spindle Sander Review: The JBOS-5

Woodworking is a very particular art that one needs to approach with utmost professionalism and care to get the expected results. There is a lot that goes into preparing the wood that you’re working with before you even get the chance to create the end product. At some point, you know that you will be required to do a lot of sanding. Let’s look at one tool that can aid you in this: the powerful JET 708404 JBOS-5 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander.

Some people prefer sanding manually as it gives them more control. However, if you are working with very difficult wood or what you are creating requires a lot of work, you need to use a sanding tool. The JBOS-5 is the perfect tool to have when you are making custom and complicated pieces. It is very handy when you are trying to smooth out some inside corners or some complicated curved areas; it’s basically made for reaching the kinds of spots that other tools can’t reach.


Heavy duty table

This is one of the best features about this machine. It helps you keep a steady hand when you are sanding since it is nice and solid. It tilts easily up to 45 degrees which allows you to sand tough areas that other sanding tools wouldn’t reach. Even when you are sanding heavy wood, the table allows you to keep it stable while working which is necessary to achieve perfect finishes.

High power

One difficulty that woodworkers face when manually working on custom pieces is that it is slow and the finish may not be as precise as intended. However, this sander is powered by ½ horsepower motor that will make the process much faster. With that kind of power in your hands, you can be sure that you will not only be able to complete a project in just half the time, but the results will be much better than otherwise.

Scratch free finish

Getting that perfect finish on inside curves by hand or by using other tools can be quite a difficult task. However, this sander gives you the power to sand with so much precision and end up with a perfect scratch free finish. This is made possible thanks to the oscillating spindle which ensures even contact and wear of the sanding surface.

Safety features

Safety features such as the detachable on and off switch ensure that you do not start the sander accidentally which can be dangerous. The feet are also made of non-slide rubber material that ensures stability when sanding to prevent any sliding. All these features are meant to ensure you can work smoothly without any mishaps.


  • Smooth and scratch free finish.
  • Safety features ensure smooth operation without accidents.
  • Tilting table allows one to work on difficult pieces.
  • High power ensures the spindle doesn’t slow down when pressure is applied.
  • Makes it easy to sand difficult curves and cont

An oscillating sander may not be your everyday sanding tool but it is definitely a worthy investment if you do a few custom pieces or work with very heavy wood. The power of the JBOS-5 makes it probably the best in the market. Every aspect of this tool is made with the user in mind so you are sure that purchasing this will be the right step to take.